Math 311, Section 502,  Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M

Lecturer: Prof. Efendiev, 608K Blocker Hall, tel: 845-1972, e-mail:

Ofiice Hours: Tuesday 10-11 am
                      Tuesday 4-5pm
                      Thursday 4-5 pm

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: (3-0-0) Matrices, determinants, systems of linear equations, eigenvalues, eigenvectors,
diagonalization of symmetric matrices. Vector analysis, including normal derivative, gradient, divergence, curl, line and
surface integrals, Gauss', Green's and Stokes' theorems.

Prerequisite: MATH 221, 251 or 253; MATH 308 or current enrollment therein.

The first 60% of the course is devoted to linear algebra, with a strong bias toward applications to analysis. The remaining
40% is devoted to the material traditionally called vector calculus (or vector analysis), along with some other topics in
advanced calculus which provide nice applications of the linear algebra covered in the first part.

TEXTBOOK: Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus at A&M by Leon and Colley

WEB PAGE:  and

EXAMS:        Three midterm exams and one final exam:

                       Midterm 1: 1:50-2:40 pm,  FRAN 307,  September 24, 2001

                                    Midterm 2: 1:50-2:40 pm, FRAN 307,  October 24, 2001

                                     Midterm 3: 1:50-2:40 pm, FRAN 307, November 28, 2001

                        Final:         3:30-5:30 pm, FRAN 307, December 11, 2001

MAKE-UPS: Students must make arrangements in advance (the sooner the better) if they will not be handing in homework on time or
will miss an exam. Exam absences due to recognized University-related activities, religious holidays, verifiable illness, and family/medical
emergencies will be dealt with on an individual basis. In all cases of absence from exams a written excuse is required. Ignorance of the time
and place of an exam will not be accepted as an excuse for absence.

INCOMPLETES: I will consider giving you an incomplete if you have successfully completed all but a small portion of the work of the
course and some severe, unexpected event prevents you from completing the course. This means that you must have taken at least 2 exams
and must be doing work at the C level or better. You will have to sign a contract detailing what you have to do to complete the course.
I cannot give you an incomplete simply because you are behind in your work; in the latter case you should try to drop the course.

S/U GRADE: If you are registered S/U we will submit a grade of S if your letter grade is C or above, and otherwise a grade of U.

PROCEDURE FOR CALCULATING GRADES. The Math 311 grades will be computed in the following way:
a total score (on a scale of 0-600) by adding up the following:  three midterm exam scores (each on a scale of 0-100), homework scores
(total score on a scale of 0-100) and final exam score (on a scale of 0-200)
(Check: 3*100+100+200=600).

MIDTERMS: There are three midterm exams. Each is 50 minutes long and given during a lecture hour;
The ground rules are closed book, closed notes. Calculators are allowed, but no notebooks and etc.
Please use the results of the first midterm to help you decide whether you're doing okay, need more help, or should drop the course.

HOMEWORK: Homework is assigned once a week and is due on Wednesday in the lecture.
Homework assignments will be announced in the lecture and can be found on
I encourage you to discuss homework problems with
your classmates, including strategies for solving different kinds of problems.
However, when you actually write up your solutions you must do this on your own. Handing in homework that is almost identical
to a classmate's is a form of cheating. Your homework should be neatly, clearly and logically written. Please be courteous to us and staple your
homework together. You are required to show methods of solution, not just final answers.  You must hand your homework in on time at the
beginning of lecture. Homework failing to meet these standards will not be graded unless an advance arrangement is made.

FINAL EXAM: The final exam is a two hour exam. Questions will be in the same format as on the midterms. The ground
rules are as in midterm. If you have SPECIAL NEEDS, promptly contact the Office for Students With Disabilities and your
lecturer in order to arrange for accommodations. Official University GRADING STANDARDS and official policy concerning SCHOLASTIC
CONDUCT are posted on /teaching/operationspg.html.

POLICIES AND OTHER INFORMATION:  /teaching/operationspg.html