Research Grants

- NSF,  Predictive Contaminant Tracking Using Dynamic Driven Data Application Simulation Techniques, 2002-2006

- NSF,  Research on Multiscale Spatial Models for Mapping Using Static and Dynamic Data, 2003-2006

- DOE - Applied Mathematics , Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media and Their Applications, 2005-2008

- NSF,  Adaptive Data-Driven Sensor Configuration, Modeling, and Deployment for Oil, Chemical, and Biological Contamination near Coastal Facilities, 2005-2008

- Department of Energy - Applied Mathematics Program, Multiscale Analysis and Computation for Flows in Heterogeneous Media, 2006-2009

- NSF, Multi-Scale Data Assimilation of Soil Moisture Under Heterogeneous Soil Hydraulics, 2006-2009

- "Modeling and simulations of vuggy reservoirs" SINOPEC (600,000$ for 1.5 year)

- "Efficient simulation techniques for geomechanics" by Terra-Nova (100K for 1 year)

- Innovation grant by IAMCS, 2010-2011 (25K)
- Chevron. Efficient techniques for reservoir simulation, 2010-2011

NSF award DGE-0549487: "IGERT: New materials and mathematical modeling" (6/1/2006-5/31/2012): Research advisor; PI: Joe Ross, Texas A&M; $2,817,300.

- King Abdullah University of Science and Technology: "Institute for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science (IAMCS) at Texas A&M University" (4/1/2008-3/31/2013): Co-PI; $24,720,657.

- DOE, Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring and Performance Assessment of CO2 Sequestration in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, 2010-2013

- DOE, Bayesian uncertainty quantification in predictions of flows in highly heterogeneous media and its applications to CO2 sequestration (PI, ~700K), 2010-2013

- DOEd, United States - Russia Program. Improving Research and Educational Activities in Higher Education (Texas A&M University and National Research Nuclear University) (Co-PI, PI: Rajagopal) 2010-2013

- NSF. Multiscale data integration using facies based hierarchical Bayesian models, 2007-2012

- NSF "The International Institute for Multifunctional Materials for Energy Conversion (IIMEC)", 2009-2014
- NSF. Iterative upscaling for fluid flows in highly deformable media 2008-2012

- NSF. Predictive Modeling of Thermally Driven Hydrologic Fluxes for Land and Atmosphere Interactions Across Space and Time Scales. 2009-2012

- Innovation grant by IAMCS, 2011-2012 (25K)
- DOE, Multiscale modeling and simulation for geomechanics, 2011-2014

- AFOSR, Dynamic Data-Driven Modeling of uncertainties in Porous Shape Memory Alloys, 2011-2013
- US army 62151-MA, Reduced-order models, 2012-2014, Co-PI

- Numerical Porous Media, SRI Center Grant, KAUST, PI, 2012-2015

-Scalable Multilevel Uncertainty Quantification Concepts for Extreme-Scale Multiscael Problems, 1.8M, 2013-2015 (PI)