MATH 485 France 2017
MATH 485
Directed Studies
Study Abroad France 2018
Instructor: Florent Baudier
Meetings: see schedule of meetings below, room 309B
Course description: These directed studies are related to the MATH 409 course that will be taught during the study abroad program in Besançon, France, and that covers the following topics: Axioms of the real number system; point set theory of the real number line; compactness, completeness and connectedness; continuity and uniform continuity; sequences, series; theory of Riemann integration. A main goal of the course is essential to master the indicated material, and to learn how to apply precise mathematical reasoning in reading, understanding, and writing proofs of theorems in analysis. The main objective of the directed studies component of the study abroad program is a collaborative work in small groups. Each group of students will be required to produce a documented presentation on the biography of a celebrated mathematician who made deep contribution to analysis and/or set theory (Baire, Cantor, Cauchy, Darboux, d'Alembert, de l'Hôpital, Fréchet, Hausdorff, Hilbert, Lebesgue, Leibniz, Newton, Riemann, Von Neumann...). Each group will present its work during an oral presentation. The essay should address at least the following items:
1. personal life
2. socio-economic context
3. mathematical achievements especially those related to the material covered by MATH 409
Oral presentations: Friday June 8, 1:30-5:00 p.m.
Schedule of meetings
Date and time of meeting Purpose
first meeting:
presentation of the directed studies and a presentation of a few celebrated analysts (courtesy of Dr. M. Meyer)
second meeting:
help session, discussions
third meeting:
final meeting before the oral presentations
1:30-5:00 p.m.
15' oral presentations
06/30 the final versions of the documented presentations must be returned to your instructor for grading