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Workshop in Analysis and Probability

Texas A&M University

Concentration Week on

Geometric Functional Analysis

College station, July 25-29 2016

This Concentration Week will focus on high dimensional phenomena concerning convex bodies, random polytopes, and random matrices. These topics lie in the intersection of probability, analysis, geometry, and combinatorics. The goal is to expose the variety of techniques used in the study of these objects and to explore the connections between them.

Talks will be held in Blocker building Room 166. Registration will be in Blocker Room 141. (Map and parking info)

Mini courses by
Sourav Chatterjee 

Ronen Eldan
Weizmann Institute
Assaf Naor

Elisabeth Werner
Case Western
Non-linear large deviations
From stochastic calculus to geometric inequalities

Metric embeddings, the Lipschitz extension problem, and quantitative differentiationBest and Random Approximation of convex bodies by polytopes.

1-Hour Talks by
Ramon Van Handel
Elizabeth Meckes
Case Western
Peter Pivovarov
U. of Missouri
Konstantin Tikhomirov
U. of Alberta
Tomasz Tkocz
Pierre Youssef
Paris Diderot
Chaining, interpolation, and convexity
Concentration of spectral measures of random matrices
Randomized Isoperimetric Inequalities
On the spectral radius of a random matrix with i.i.d. entries
A multidimensional analogue of the Rademacher-Gaussian tail comparison
Constrain approximation and contact points of a convex body

Organizers:          Bill Johnson        Grigoris Paouris       Mark Rudelson

Workshop in Analysis and Probability 2016

Texas A&M University Mathematics Department Functional Analysis