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Texas A&M University

Hang Huang, Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Blocker 601C
E-mail: hhuang [AT]
Office Hours: TR 12:50 - 1:50
and by appointment
CV: CV.pdf


  • MATH 304, Spring 2021

Research Interests

  • My research primarily focuses on the interactions between representation theory, algebraic geometry, and commutative algebra.


  • Equations of Kalman Varieties, preprint at arXiv:1707.08699.
  • Computing Schur complexes, with Michael K. Brown, Robert P. Laudone, Michael Perlman, Claudiu Raicu, Steven V Sam, João Pedro Santo, preprint at arXiv:1812.00790.
  • Minimal Set of Generators of Ideals Defining Nilpotent Orbit Closures, preprint at arXiv: 2008.03166.
  • Syzygies of Determinantal Thickenings, preprint at arXiv:2008.02690.
  • Relations between the 2x2 minors of a generic matrix, with Michael Perlman, Claudia Polini, Claudiu Raicu, Alessio Sammartano, preprint at arXiv:1909.11705.
  • Vanishing Hessian, wild forms and their border VSP, with Mateusz Michałek, Emanuele Ventura, preprint at arXiv:1912.13174.
  • Bad and good news for Strassen's laser method: Border rank of the 3x3 permanent and strict submultiplicativity, with Austin Conner, J. M. Landsberg, preprint at arXiv:2009.11391.
  • The InvariantRing package for Macaulay2, with Luigi Ferraro, Federico Galetto, Francesca Gandini, Matthew Mastroeni, Xianglong Ni, preprint at arXiv:2010.15331.