Math 620, Fall 2019:
Algebraic Geometry
T-Th 12:45-2pm Blocker
Office hours
Mon. 10-11, Fri. 10-11 or by appointment
Instructor: Joseph (JM) Landsberg



E-mail: please include "620" in the subject line when emailing me
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E-mail. I will be contacting the class though the TAMU e-mail system. 

Prerequisites. Math 653 or permission of the instructor.

Course text.  Basic algebraic geometry I, I. Shafarevich,  third edition, Springer
Course description: This is a first course in algebraic geometry, we will cover Chapters 1,2 and 3 of the text plus additional topics.


Grade complaints:
If you think a homework  was graded incorrectly you
have one week from the time the graded assignment was returned to you to bring the
issue to the instructor's attention. No complaints after that time will be considered.

Grading policy: Weekly homework assignments (100%)
Assignments will usually consist of 3 problems and we will go over them in class the
day they are due. You are encouraged to do additional problems from the book and
are welcome to present them to the class if you like.

Weekly homework assignments and announcements
Due 9/12 (Thurs.) : 
Section 1: 3,7,9
Due 9/17 (Tues.) : Section 2: 3,6,13,14
Due 9/24 (Tues.) : Section 3: 6,7 plus show that GL_n (the set of invertible nxn matrices)  is an affine variety (i.e. a closed subset of some A^m).
Due 10/1 (Tues.) : Section 4: 3,9,11
Due 10/8 (Tues.): Section 5: 11 plus these two problems
note- no class Tues. 10/15
Due 10/17 (Thurs.) Section 6: 3,5,12, extra credit: These problems
 extra extra credit: what is the dual variety to the Segre variety Seg(P^m x P^n)? What is the dual variety to the rational normal curve v_d(P^1)\subset P^d?
Due 10/23 (Wed. - special class 3-4 Bloc 628): Sect. II.1.6: 2,10,13,(optional: 20) 
Due 10/31 (Thurs.) :   Sect. II.3.3:  2,5,6,15
Due 11/5 (Tues.)  Sect. II.4: 2,4,10
Due 11/12 Sect. II.5:  7,8 (easy week!)
Due 11/19
Sect. II.6:2,3 plus compute the tangent cone to the variety of rank at most r nxm matrices at a rank s<r matrix.
[no class 11/26, 11/28- Thanksgiving]

Due 12/5 (Thursday - last class!): Sect. III.1: 1, 14,17,18 plus these problems




Policy regarding absences related to injury or illness: All such absences will be excused
if sufficient documentation is provided as per University policy and
the instructor will help the student make up any missed material.

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