Travel plans for J.M. Landsberg


Fall 2019

Aug. 29 Colloquim at Rice
Sept. 26 Colloquim at UCSD

Nov. 8-10 TGTC here at A&M

Spring 2020

Jan. 12-14 ITCS (U. Washington, Seattle)

Mar. 13-15: Tensors and Complexity at the AMS
Sectional Meeting at University of Virgina in Charlottesville, Virginia.

vistors Spring2020: Buczynski: March 22-April 7, Hodges March 15-19,

Summer 2020

GO-60 conference June 22-26, Levico
June 29, seminar at Bern

Workshop and Conference Aug. 5-13 Deajon, giving mini-course
on tensors and algebraic complexity theory

Spring 2021
April 19-23 IPAM Workshop on Tensor Network States (speaker)

Summer 2021
July 19- August 13 giving Scuola Matematica
Interuniversitaria summer course in Perugia

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