Jiakun Pan, Graduate Student Picture

Office: Blocker 641K
E-mail: jpan [AT] math.tamu.edu

I am a fifth year graduate student under guidance of Dr. Matthew P. Young.

I have interest in analytic number theory and automorphic forms. Expected to graduate soon, I am entering the job market. CV

I take the responsibility of maintaining the website of Seminar of Young Number Theorists. Please let me know if you are interested in giving a talk.

Summer 2020 MATH 141:102 Finite Mathematics

12-13:35 MTWRF Class webpage.

Research Papers

Quantum unique ergodicity for Eisenstein series in the level aspect. Joint work with Matthew P. Young. Available on arxiv.

On the regularized L^4 norm for Eisenstein series in the level aspect. Available on arxiv.

Classes Taught

[Spring 19] MATH 166 Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II

Classes Taken

[Fall 19] MATH 650 Several Complex Variables

[Spring 18] MATH 685 Reading Seminar in Automorphic Representations

[Fall 15] MATH 662 Seminar in Algebra: Transcendent Numbers