Kari Eifler

My Research

Non-local games give us a way of observing quantum behaviour through the observation of only classical data, and there are several different mathematical models to consider. The graph isomorphism game is important in quantum information theory and is an example of a synchronous non-local game.

More information to come in the future.

Publications and Preprints

Non-local games and quantum symmetries of quantum metric spaces, K. Eifler, 29 pages, arXiv:2011.03867
Quantum Cuntz-Krieger Algebras, M. Brannan, K. Eifler, C. Voigt, M. Weber, 40 pages, arXiv:2009.09466
Bigalois extensions and the graph isomorphism game, M. Brannan, A. Chirvasitu, K. Eifler, S. Harris, V. Paulsen, X. Su, and M. Wasilewski, 33 pages, arXiv:1812.11474