Qualifying Exam Resources

Kari Eifler

Real Analysis Qualifying Exam

I wrote (and passed!) the real analysis qualifying exam at Texas A&M in the Summer of 2017 and taught the qualifying prep course in the Summers of 2018 and 2019 (syllabus and old exams can be found here). I've typed up solutions to the majority of questions on the majority of exams from August 2019 to August 2011.

The exam is based on the real analysis sequence Math 607 and 608, which I took with Dr. William Johnson. Here are some resources I created to help me study:

I found it most helpful to create flashcards with the terms/definitions as well as the number assigned to them. I would write out everything I could remember for each flashcard and then check it against the pdfs, and so I formatted the notes specifically for this purpose.

Algebra Qualifying Exam

I also wrote the algebra qualifying exam in the Summer of 2017 (based on the algebra sequence Math 653 and 654), and have a set of notes for that:

Because there were so many flashcards, I used the online flashcard app Brainscape, which allows the input of a csv file. That csv file can be found here.