Dynamics and C*-algebras: amenability and soficity
All lectures will be held in the lecture theater of the TransCanada Pipelines Pavilion (TCPL).
Sunday, October 19
4:00–Check-in at the front desk of the Professional Development Centre
5:30–7:30Buffet dinner, Sally Borden Building
8:00–Informal gathering in 2nd floor lounge, Corbett Hall
(beverages and snacks available on a cash honour system)
Monday, October 20
9:30–9:40Introduction and welcome by BIRS Station Manager
9:40–10:30Matthew Kennedy
C*-simplicity and the unique trace property for discrete groups
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:50Mikael Rørdam
Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal
1:00–2:00Guided tour of the Banff Centre; meet in the 2nd floor lounge, Corbett Hall
2:00–2:10Group photo; meet in foyer of TCPL
2:10–3:00Huaxin Lin
Crossed products from minimal dynamical systems
3:00–3:30Coffee break
3:30–4:20Aaron Tikuisis
Dimension and regularity for C*-algebras
4:30–5:20Marius Dadarlat
K-theoretic quasidiagonality and almost flat bundles
Tuesday, October 21
9:40–10:30Yasuhiko Sato
Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–11:50Karen Strung
A proof that the crossed products by minimal property (P) homeomorphisms of odd dimensional spheres are classified by their tracial state spaces
2:00–2:50N. Christopher Phillips
Centrally large subalgebras and stable rank one
2:50–3:20Coffee break
3:20–4:10Zhuang Niu
The C*-algebra of a minimal homeomorphism with zero mean dimension
4:20–4:50Timothy Rainone
K-theoretical dynamics and finiteness in crossed products
5:00–5:30Alessandro Vignati
Amenable operator algebras and the isomorphism problem
Wednesday, October 22
9:10–10:00Caleb Eckhardt
Nilpotent group C*-algebras and nuclear dimension
10:00–10:20Coffee break
10:20–11:10Stuart White
Classifying maps by traces
11:20–12:10Xin Li
Amenability and the Liouville property
12:10–1:30Lunch, followed by a free afternoon
Thursday, October 23
9:10–10:00Ruy Exel
The tight groupoid of an inverse semigroup
10:00–10:30Coffee break
10:30–11:10Gabor Szabo
Rokhlin dimension for actions of residually finite groups
11:20–12:00Eusebio Gardella
Existence and uniqueness of circle actions on Kirchberg algebras
2:00–2:50Wilhelm Winter
Classifiability of crossed products
2:50–3:20Coffee break
3:20–4:10Leonel Robert
Commutators in pure C*-algebras
4:20–5:10Adam Sierakowski
Filling families and strong pure infiniteness
Friday, October 24
9:10–10:00Kun Wang
On the bound of the C* exponential length and the classification invariants of C*-algebras
10:10–11:00Qinyun Wang
Regularity properties and actions with the weak tracial Rokhlin property