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All talks will take place in Blocker 166.
Friday, July 29
1:30-2:00Coffee and refreshments
2:00-3:00Robin Tucker-Drob
Ergodic hyperfinite subgraphs and primitive subrelations
3:00-3:30Coffee and refreshments
3:30-4:30Radoslaw Adamczak
Uncertainty relations for high dimensional random unitary matrices
Saturday, July 30
9:20-9:50Coffee and refreshments
9:50-10:50Brett Wick
Commutators and BMO
11:00-12:00Kelly Bickel
Compressions of the shift on two-variable model spaces
2:00-3:00Mehrdad Kalantar
On irreducibility of boundary representations
3:00-3:30Coffee and refreshments
3:30-4:00Wonhee Na
Principal functions for bi-free central limit distributions
4:10-5:10Jaydeb Sarkar
Module approach to operator theory
6:00- BBQ and swimming at Jan and Bill Johnson's house
1306 Deacon Dr., College Station, 979-696-2812, 979-450-2812
Sunday, July 31
9:30-9:50Coffee and refreshments
9:50-10:50Mark Rudelson
Delocalization of eigenvectors of random matrices
11:00-11:50Pavlos Motakis
A metric interpretation of reflexivity for Banach spaces