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The 2018 Summer Informal Regional Functional Analysis Seminar (SUMIRFAS) will take place August 17-19 at Texas A&M University in College Station as part of the Workshop in Analysis and Probability. All talks will be in the Blocker Building, which is on Ireland St. just south of University Dr. on the Texas A&M campus.

SUMIRFAS is an annual three-day conference that aims to cover a broad spectrum of topics in analysis and probability. It is one of the peaks of activity in the Workshop every summer. Although nominally a regional seminar, SUMIRFAS has grown into an international event.

Immediately preceding SUMIRFAS, from August 13 to 17, will be the Concentration Week on Random Walks in Correlated and Dynamic Environments organized by Eviatar Procaccia and Ron Rosenthal.

For logistical support, including requests for support, please contact Cara Starmer. We expect to be able to cover housing for most participants from support the National Science Foundation has provided for the Workshop. When you ask Cara to book your room, please tell her if you are requesting support. Minorities, women, graduate students, and young researchers are especially encouraged to apply.

For more information about SUMIRFAS or about the Workshop more generally, please contact Bill Johnson, David Kerr, Gilles Pisier, or Eviatar Procaccia.