Mahmood Ettehad
Office: BLOC 505E
E-mail: mettehad[at]

I am a Ph.D. student in Mathematics Department at Texas A&M University and working under supervision of Dr. Simon Foucart (advisor) and Dr. Nick Duffield (co-advisor in electrical engineering).
My research interests are on interdisciplinary problems in the areas of mathematics and engineering.

Main Research Interests

  • Approximation Theory
  • Probability Theory
  • Mathematical Physics

    For detailed infomation, here is my Curriculum Vitae

    Recent Publications and Preprints

  • G. Berkolaiko, N. Duffield, M. Ettehad, and K. Manouskais, Graph Reconstruction from Path Correlation Data, Inverse Problems, 2018 (ArXiv), (Journal Link).
  • M. Ettehad, N. Duffield, and G. Berkolaiko, Optimizing Consistent Merging and Pruning of Subgraphs in Network Tomography, 2019 (ArXiv).
  • M. Ettehad, and S. Foucart, Approximability Models and Optimal System Identification, Journal of Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems, 2020 (ArXiv), (Journal Link).
  • M. Ettehad, and S. Foucart, Instances of Computational Optimal Recovery: Dealing with Observation Errors, 2020 (ArXiv).
  • R. Weijermars, and M. Ettehad, Displacement Field Potentials for Deformation in Elastic Media: Theory and Application to Pressure-loaded Boreholes, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computations, 2019 (Journal Link).
  • R. Weijermars, T. Pham, and M. Ettehad, Linear Superposition Method (LSM) for Solving Stress Tensor Fields and Displacement Vector Fields: Application to Multiple Pressure-Loaded Circular Holes in an Elastic Plate with Far-Field Stress, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computations, 2020 (Journal Link).

    Full List of Publications

  • Google Scholar Link

    Teaching Experiences

  • MATH 142:201 - Summer 2020
  • Business Calculus (IOR)
  • Engineering Math I, II (TA)
  • Continuum Mechanics and Plasticity (TA)
  • Diffusion and Transport Phenomena (TA)