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    General Topics
  1. Animated Gifs:
  2. Cgi-bin Scripting:
  3. Dynamic HTML:
  4. Frames:
  5. General Web Design:
  6. Graphical Format Conversion:
  7. Helper Applications:
  8. Html Standards:
  9. Html Style Sheets:
  10. Html Tutorials:
  11. Image Maps:
  12. Inline Graphics:
  13. Java:
  14. JavaScript:
  15. Maple:
  16. Matlab:
  17. Mpeg:
  18. Multimedia:
  19. Sound:
  20. Streaming Video:
  21. TeX Resources:
  22. Vrml:

General Web Design : Back to Top
  1. Web Design Resource (HTML and JavaScript)
  2. The WDVL: The Top 100
  3. HTML Crash Course
  4. Web Design Tutorials on the Internet
  5. Web Design Tutorials - The Web Developer's Journal (Java, CGI, Multimedia, more)
  6. Crash Course in HTML

HTML Standards: Back to Top
  1. HTML Tutorial for Beginners This site is extremely helpful for users that are unfamiliar with HTML. All of the basics that are sometimes overlooked are clearly explained in this helpful tutorial.
  2. HTML Page Building Tutorial This Site provides a very straightforward user friendly interface that addresses many HTML processes used in building webpages.
  3. HTML Goodies This contains several good examples of HTML. It also has links to discussion forums and has a place to post HTML questions. This site also goes to the advanced level by covering Javascript and DHTML through examples.
  4. Web Page Diagnostics Run a diagnostic on your webpage. This program will analyze your webpage and address weaknesses and strengths in your code. It covers Load Time which deals with optimizing images, and it addresses several other areas such as Browser Compatibility.
  5. HTML Quick Reference This site provides a nice reference for structure and tags in HTML. When you need a quick answer check out this site.
  6. HTML1.0
  7. HTML2.0
  8. HTML3.3
  9. HTML4.0
  10. HTML5.0
  11. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  12. The Library of Congress's HTML Reference
  13. Writing HTML Documents>
  14. Jeff Barry-The Hypertext Markup Language
  15. HTML authour's Page
  16. Hypertext Markup Language: Working and Background Materials

HTML Tutorials: Back to Top
  1. Mark Ripper's HTML Guide
  2. Web Home Improvement
  3. How Do They Do That With HTML?
  4. Bare Bones Guide to HTML
  5. Sizzling HTML
  6. Quadzilla
  7. The HTML Author's Board - Post your questions here

Inline Graphics: Back to Top
  1. Basics of Inline Graphics Come to this site to learn the basics of inline graphics. This is a good place to learn the applications of inline graphics in your webpage.
  2. 3 Ways of Using Graphics This is a very short and simple site that explains the use of inline graphics. It has several good examples and provides a clear explanation of the implementation of graphics that serves as a good introduction.
  3. Width and Height in Inline Graphics This Style Manual discusses the use of width and height in inline graphics. This site has good links and examples that help emphasize the importance of style.
  4. Inline Images This site has a very appealing presentation that teaches the use of inline graphics. Examples and tables make this inline graphic site very effective.
  5. WWWis This is a program that automatically adjusts height and width to increase speed in loading the layout of your page.
  6. General Info
  7. Horizontal Page Spacing
  8. Using Width and Height in Inline Graphics
  9. Sizing Graphics

Graphical Format Conversion: Back to Top
  1. Graphic Workshop Download a trial version of Graphic Workshop for Windows. This program will convert almost any graphic file type imaginable.
  2. L View Pro 2.0 Download a trial version of L View Pro 2.0 to convert and edit graphics.
  3. Graphic Converter Shareware alternative to photoshop. Detailed instructions and informative links are found at this sight.
  4. Mac Graphic Converter Convert practically any file type - use graphic converter for the Mac.
  5. VuePrint Pro Use this 30-day trial to convert all kinds of graphics files. It comes with a nice bonus because you can also play sound and movie files with it.

HTML Style Sheets: Back to Top
  1. Style Sheets (Level 1)
  2. Style Sheets (Level 2)
  4. Core Styles
  5. Cascading Style Sheets Use several interactive tutorials and basic explanations to learn about style sheets.
  6. Positioning HTML Elements with Style Sheets This is a very detailed explanation that provides all of the needed information plus great examples to teach you to position HTML elements using style sheets.
  7. Web Reference - Style Sheets This sight provides a general overview of the applications of style sheets and provides links to several tutorials. This sight might have less information that the one above but it may be easier to understand.
  8. Basic Style Sheet Foundation If you have never used style sheets this is the place to be. This site starts at square one and slowly advances to more complicated use of style sheets for positioning on your webpage.
  9. Style Sheet Guide This site is very organized and thorough. Many HTML topics are discussed in detail and the style sheet guide is one example. This guide includes FAQ's, syntax, related links, CSS extensions, etc.
  10. http://www.canit.se/~griffon/web/writing_stylesheets.html
  11. http://webreview.com/97/05/30/feature/tutorial.html
  12. http://www.westciv.com/style_master/academy/css_tutorial/index.html
  13. http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/css/
  14. http://www.stars.com/Authoring/Style/Sheets/
  15. Microsoft CSS
  16. CSS Structure Guide
  17. Style Sheet Reference Guide

JavaScript: Back to Top
  1. http://webreference.com/programming/javascript.html>
  2. http://jaring.nmhu.edu/notes/javascrp.htm>
  3. http://www.webpedia.com/tech/js/tutor/events.html>
  4. Netscape's JavaScript Reference
  5. JavaScript's Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Frequently Asked Questions about JavaScript/JScript
  7. Thau's JavaScript Tutorial
  8. Timothy's JavaScript Examples
  9. Cookies with JavaScript
  10. Java Script Made Easy!!
  11. Java Goodies JavaScript Repository
  12. JavaScript World
  13. Javascripts, javascripts, and more javascripts...
  14. Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
  15. Link #1 This is a collection of frequently asked questions about javascript and also has many links to tips and tricks.
  16. Link #2 This page gives you the option of choosing from examples, news, links, and tutorials about javascript
  17. Link #3 The ultimate source for JavaScript learners, period
  18. Link #5 For those German people out there, here's your page!!!!
  19. Java3
  20. Java5
  21. The Javascript Source
  22. Bloke.com
  23. JavaScript Tutorial
  24. Academic Program For Java (IBM)
  25. Ask the Java Pro
  26. JavaScript For the Total Non-Programmer
  27. Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
  28. HotSyte--The JavaScript Resource
  29. Creating an Audio Jukebox with Javascript
  30. www.webreference.com/js/
  31. javascript.internet.com
  32. www.webdeveloper.com/categories/javascript/
  33. JavaScript Planet

Dynamic HTML: Back to Top
  1. Dynamic HTML (Demos)
  2. Inside Info
  3. Dynamic HTML (Tutorial)
  4. The DHTML Zone
  5. Dynamic Duo:Cross-Browser Dynamic HTML
  6. DHTML Tips and Tricks
  7. Tools for Javascript and DHTML
  8. DHTML
  9. http://developer.netscape.com/tech/dynhtml/index.html
  10. http://members.aol.com/dhtmlman/
  11. http://www.ebutterfly.com/wds/lessons/9803.html
  12. HTML Guru--Dynamic HTML Resource
  13. Dynamic HTML and Cascading Style Sheets
  14. Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator
  15. HTMLUser - DHTML by ZDNet,
  16. DHTML Zone,
  17. Microsoft Internet Info Server,
  18. Netscape's Visual DHTML Page,
  19. Dynamic Drive,
  20. Patrick Santry's World of Web Development,
  21. Another very good example!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. iNet Developer's DHTML Demo,
  23. IE World, a page in another language but the source code is a good example of DHTML,
  24. MidMonet.com (This page did have some good DHTML in it, but I think it is now under construction;
  25. Dynamic HTML Index
  26. Webmonkey
  28. Link #2 This link has some great foundatation, explanations and examples.
  29. Link #3 This link has some good examples on several dynamic html pages
  30. DHTML4
  31. DHTML5
  32. Your Home for Javacriprt and Dynamic HTML on the Web
  33. www.webreference.com
  34. www.webdeveloper.com
  35. DHTML Workshop
  36. DHTML Resources
  37. Dynamic HTML: The Next Generation
  38. Dynamic HTML Tutorial
  39. Dynamic HTML Tools and Resources
  40. Dynamic HTML Resources

Animated Gifs: Back to Top
  1. Optimizing Animated GIFS
  2. Animated GIFS
  3. TOOLS
  4. Creating Animated GIFS
  5. Lots of Examples
  6. More Examples
  7. Tons of Info
  8. Everything You Need To Know
  9. TONS of Links
  10. TONS of Graphics Links
  11. Banner Maker Use this site to create several different animated banners. Just type what you want on the banner and select an animation. A quick and easy way to add a nice gif to your webpage.
  12. Create 3D Gifs Download a demo of Xara3D to create 3D images and banners. The site claims it is easy enough for your grandmother to use.
  13. How to Create Gifs Learn how to create your own animated gifs. Many questions are answered and a large software toolbox full of gif making applications are the highlights of this sight.
  14. Convert Quicktime Movies to Animated Gifs Download this program to convert quicktime movies to animated gifs. There are a lot of really cool examples that you can download and use on your webpage.
  15. Gif Construction See numerous examples of animated Gifs and download shareware that allows you to create such gifs. This site provides several links to help with the implimentation of animated gifs.
  16. Animated Gifs
  17. Animated Gifs Artist Guild
  18. Animated gifs and links
  19. Animated Gifs
  20. http://member.aol.com/royalef/gifmake.htm
  21. http://www.xara.com/noframes/webster/v1_1help/anim.htm
  22. http://www.websiteresources.com/articles/scrollingtext/index.shtml
  23. http://home.clara.net/lilli/gifs.htm
  24. http://www.qualitty.com/animate.html
  25. Free Gifs & Animations
  26. Mikey's Collection of Animated Gifs
  27. Andy Art
  28. Every Thing Icon
  29. Pixel Warehouse
  30. Celine's Original GIFs
  31. Clip Art Connection
  32. Clip Art
  33. Link #2 This is a page on how to incorporate animated gifs into your web page. A good one for beginners!
  34. Link #4 The coolnerds links to Web Graphics.
  35. Link #5 Frequently asked questions about buildig a homepage with animated gifs
  36. Animated2
  37. Animated3
  38. Animated4
  39. Animated5
  40. Animation Factory
  41. Animation Zone
  42. Badger's Animated GIF Gallery id: open password: sesame
  43. NetCREATORS Icon Page
  44. Geocities
  45. Gif Animation Eamples
  46. Gif Animation Examples
  47. Gif Animation fractals
  48. Gif Animation Tutorial
  49. Animation Tutorial

Image Maps: Back to Top
  1. Guide To Image Maps
  2. Image Maps (made easy)
  3. Image Maps (from WEB REVIEW )
  4. An HTML Extension to Client Side Image Maps ('94 Proceedings)
  5. The Curry School of Education presents Image Maps

CGI-BIN Scripting: Back to Top
  1. CGI-BIN Scripts (teach yourself)
  2. CGI-BIN Server-Side Scripting and Programs
  3. CGI-BIN Scripting
  4. Shell Scripts
  5. Home Page Posting Instructions (acronet.net)
  6. http://www.icom.com/support/cgiinfo.htm
  7. http://www.jjj.com/faq/cgi.htm
  8. http://www.w3.org/Daemon/User/CGI/Overview.html
  9. http://www.biginfo.net/cgijava.html
  10. http://weber.u.washington.edu/~uwbweb/UWB_Web/HTML/uwb_adv_perl.html
  11. NCSA's Common Gateway Interface Overview
  12. NCSA's Common Gateway Interface Specification
  13. NCSA's Common Gateway Interface RFC Project Page
  14. CGI Programming FAQ
  15. The CGI Start-Up Guide
  16. CGI for the Total Non-Programmer
  17. CGI Made Really Easy
  18. The PERL Tutorial (CGIs in PERL)
  19. CGI Windows Application Class for C++
  20. Programming CGI in C/C++
  21. VB4/Access CGI Programming
  22. Netscape's Persistent Client State HTTP Cookies Specification (CGI tool)
  23. The Programmer's Resource: links to programming aids including cgi and perl
  24. Script Search: search for scripts by programming language
  25. Perl.com: This site is by its own admission THE source for perl on the net
  26. CGI Resource Index: Search engine for CGI related resources on the net
  27. Cut and Paste CGI from remote software
  28. www.webdeveloper.com/categories/cgi-perl
  29. www.perl.com
  30. www.progsource.com
  31. webreference.com/programming/cgi.html

Streaming Video: Back to Top
  1. Market Vue
  2. Beverly Hills Software
  3. Floating Images Inc.
  4. Arcade Electronics
  5. NCSA
  6. Newmedia.Com
  7. Streaming Video Service
  8. Herald Link Story
  9. c|net
  10. Club VDO
  11. Streaming Video
  12. Lots of Info on Streaming Audio and Video Software
  13. CyberTech presents Association Approved Streaming Video For Websites
  14. Streamed Video and how to add it to your web site
  15. Streaming Video Production information

MPEG: Back to Top
  1. Space Movies for cool mpeg movies of space exploration
  2. Try Motorcycle Videos to see MPEGs of motorcycle action
  3. GVL tells you how to make MPEG movies on a UNIX system
  4. Configure your web browser to play MPEG videos
  5. Information on The MPEG Standard

Multimedia: Back to Top
  1. MULTI1
  2. MULTI2
  3. MULTI3
  4. MULTI4
  5. MULTI5
  6. Photoshop Crash Course
  7. Animation
  8. Bitmaps vs. Vector Graphics
  9. Search Multimedia Futures for the info you need on the Latest in Multimedia
  10. Rich Mullins Fan Page - Click on the Midi Files, Sound Clips, and Video Clips to see
  11. Armageddon Page - Click on the Exclusive Footage Link
  12. Live Audio Streaming from 104.1 FM KRBE - You will have to download the RealPlayer
  13. Real Audio

Matlab: Back to Top
  1. Link #1 This is an overview of what Matlab is and where it is used. This is not really a page to go to for hints on how to use Matlab, but gives background information.
  2. Link #3 I don't know. Maybe you're from Germany and can't read English very well, here is a Matlab aide for you in your language
  3. Link #4 A Control Tutorial for Matlab
  4. Link #5 This is a wonderful Everything You did and didn't want to know about Matlab type page.
  5. Matlab1
  6. Matlab2
  7. Matlab3
  8. Matlab4
  9. Matlab5

Maple: Back to Top
  1. Syntax
  2. More Syntax
  3. Some More
  4. Yet Even More
  5. Good Resources
  6. Waterloo Maple Home Page
  7. Basic programming in maple
  8. Maple Index at the University of Texas
  9. Some interesting Maple packages
  10. Maple information
  11. MAPLE1
  12. MAPLE3
  13. MAPLE4
  14. MAPLE5
  15. Waterloo Maple Home Page
  16. Maple V bilingual
  17. Maple V Share Library
  18. Calculus & Differential Equations with Maple V
  19. Mathematical Experiments with Maple
  20. Calculus I with Maple V
  21. Indiana University Maple Page
  22. Bilingual Maple
  23. Link #1 This is Maple's homepage. It's not instruction, but more about the company, sales, and publicity of the program.
  24. Link #2 This is a wonderful quick reference guide for those of you who are beginners at this program.
  25. Link #3 I don't know. Maybe you're from France and can't read English very well, here is a Maple aide for you in your language
  26. Link #4 From one of our own professors here at A&M. (gig 'em)
  27. Link #5 This one doesn't have instruction or isn't real useful in explaining, but it has some incredible designs/plots that people have created in Maple
  28. Maple Tutorial
  29. University of Dundee Maple Tutorial
  30. Maple Worksheet Repository
  31. Introuction to Maple

Helper Applications: Back to Top
  1. Netscape Helper Applications
  2. Navigating the Internet
  3. Helper Applications
  4. The Math Forum - Setting Up Helper Applications in Netscape
  5. California State University - Helper Applications

  1. Frameset Help
  2. More Frames Help
  3. Amazing Frames
  4. Frames & HTML Help
  5. Sharky's Netscape Frames Tutorial
  6. Advanced HTML
  7. Harvillo's Finest HTML Help
  8. Get HELP! for your homepage.
  9. Webhelp - Using Netscape's Frames Extension in HTML
  10. Introduction to frames
  11. Frames: An Introduction
  12. Frame Desription
  13. Frames Tutor
  14. Frame Construction
  15. Advanced HTML
  16. Frames - An Introduction
  17. Frames - A Complete Resource and Tutorial
  18. Frames FAQ

JAVA: Back to Top
  1. Can Submit & Find
  2. Good Free Examples
  3. Some Really Neat Examples
  4. Good Reference
  5. Even More Examples
  6. Sun's Java Platform Documentation
  7. Gamelan: The Official Directory for Java
  8. Java FAQ Archives
  9. Java: The Inside Story
  10. Introduction to Java Applications
  11. Brewing Java: A Tutorial
  12. The Java Tutorial: A Practical Guide for Programmers
  13. Applet Collections
  14. JAVA2
  15. JAVA3
  16. JAVA4
  17. One of my personal favorites - The Chronicle's Crossword Puzzle
  18. Yahoo!Games Programmed in Java
  19. More of the Same
  20. Using Java in the Showroom YOU HAVE TO TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!
  21. More of the Same
  22. Presenting Java
  23. JavaWorld
  24. Java Toys' Tutorial
  25. Linux Java Tips
  26. Java Land - find my cool Java Guy
  27. European Interactive Directories' Java Page
  28. The first user-friendly tutorial on Java
  29. Javasoft
  30. Java Programming Resources Sun's Java Page
  31. A Guide to Java
  32. The Java Centre
  33. Java Technolgy Home Page
  34. The Java Boutique
  35. Making the Most of Java
  36. Making Sense of Java
  37. Java Tutorial
  38. Advanced Java
  39. Programming Resource
  40. Java Applets
  41. Java Tutorial - Table of Contents
  42. Java Tutorial
  43. VRML/Java/JavaScript (faq's)
  44. Java/HotJava Programmer's Guide
  45. The Java Series
  46. Inside Java
  47. The Java Boutique
  48. Java Boutique - excellent developer's site, with links to other Java related sites
  49. Java Servlet magazine dedicated to server side java
  50. www.webdeveloper.com/categories/java/
  51. wdvl.internet.com/Authoring/Java/Intro/
  52. www.javasoft.com

LaTeX and TeX Resources: Back to Top
  1. LaTeX index
  2. LaTeX
  3. Tom Scavo's LaTeX page
  4. LaTeX and TeX
  5. LaTeX Documentation

Sound: Back to Top
  1. How To Get & Make
  2. Tutorial
  3. MIDI's, WAV's, & CSOUND
  4. Nice Tutorial
  5. A Little Bit Of Everything
  6. WAV Tutorial
  7. A Nice How To..
  8. MIDI Tutorial
  9. Info On What's Out There
  10. Audio On The Internet
  11. WAV Examples

VRML: Back to Top
  1. VRML Frequently Asked Questions
  2. The VRML Repository
  3. The Easy VRML Tutorial
  4. Introduction to VRML 2.0 Table of Contents
  5. Scotty's VR Shack
  6. Mathematica to VRML--The Quick Way
  7. VRML Models
  8. VRML1
  9. VRML3
  10. VRML4
  11. VRML in Chemistry
  12. Proteinman's VRML
  13. VRML Knight
  14. VRML Works
  15. HUD
  16. internet.com
  17. AE Real
  18. The VRML Consortium
  19. VRML Center
  20. VRML Gallery
  21. 3DMAX.COM Gallery Resource
  22. VRML1
  23. VRML2
  24. VRML3
  25. VRML4
  26. VRML Repository: Tutorials
  27. Virtual Reality Universe: VRML Tutorials
  28. The Magical World of VRML
  29. Meshmart VRML
  30. VRML Resources
  31. Interfacing Java and VRML
  32. Netsight VRML Homepage
  33. www.webreference.com/3d/
  34. www.refraction.com/vrml/