Math 614.699,700,720
Course Syllabus
Spring 2015

Instructor: Prof. Michael S. Pilant
Web Page Address: /~Michael.Pilant/
Course Home Page: /~Michael.Pilant/math614/
Phone: 845-3261
Office: Blocker 221D
Lecture Times N/A - Distance Course
Office Hours: Via email

Course Title: Dynamical Systems and Chaos

Course Description: Discrete maps; continuous flows; dynamical systems; Poincare maps; symbolic dynamics; chaos, strange attractors; fractals; computer simulation of dynamical systems. Prerequisites: MATH 308 [Ordinary Differential Equations] and MATH 601 [Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus] or equivalent.

Text: Chaos: An Introduction to Dynamical Systems, by K. Alligood, T. Sauer, J. A. Yorke. [Springer-Verlag]

Homework: There are exercises at the end of each chapter. A subset of these will be assigned as weekly homework.

Labs: These will be taken from the "Challenge" and "Lab Visit" sections at the end of each chapter. They will have a strong computational component.

Projects: A midterm project (due at the end of the 8th week of class) and a final project (due at the end of the term).

Grading Policy:

  1. HW - 30%
  2. Labs - 30%
  3. Midterm Project - 20%
  4. Final Project - 20%

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