MIDTERM PROJECTS [due 4/6/2015]

Midterm Project. should contain
  • An introductory paragraph describing the problem
  • Detailed explanation of mathematical and computational algorithms used
  • Graphics
  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Matlab code (appendix)
  • References
It should be 7-10 pages in length (excluding appendices). It may be submitted as an html, word or pdf file.

Let me know via email (3/9/2015) what you desire to work on for your mid term project.
Below are listed some ideas of projects for the Midterm:
  1. Derive one or more of the Feigenbaum numbers. Write a matlab program to calculate the Feigenbaum constant for several bifurcations.
  2. Assuming the underlying processes are deterministic (which they are not) calculate the lyapunov exponent for the following physical processes:
  3. Write an m-file to Calculate the lyapunov exponent for the orbit of the Lorentz attractor for various values of the key parameters. Find at least two other systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations that give rise to chaotic orbits and calculate the lyapunov exponents in each case.
  4. Explore the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction and reproduce the results in this paper.
  5. Explore the Double Pendulum system. See if you can reproduce the animation contained in this reference.

Student Midterm Projects:
  1. Matthew Austin - "Good Jupiter-Bad Jupiter" Problem (origin of Solar system)
  2. Stephen Badgely - Double pendulum
  3. Martin Dionne - Lyapunov exponent for the Lorentz attractor
  4. Nolan DeMent - Feigenbaum numbers
  5. Lorenzo Gordon - Lyapunov exponent for the Lorentz attractor
  6. Jason Mahaffey - Belousov-Zhabotinsky
  7. Nancy Okeudo - Feigenbaum numbers
  8. Jay Ordway - Feigenbaum numbers
  9. Travis Stanfield - Lyapunov exponent for the stock market
  10. Nick Valletta - Duffing oscillator
  11. Abby Wiatrek - Double Pendulum