Syllabus for Math 696,
Summer II, 2013
(All Sections)

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Note: Only Matlab is required for this course. Maple will be covered briefly, in the form of Maplets. Click here for details

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July 8

Final Exams, Summer I

July 9
Course Overview
Office Hours,
Streaming Video
July 10
History of the Web (WWW)
first project components,
online resources

July 11
Elementary HTML
Building your course page,
required elements,
HTML validation
First Project
July 12
HTML 5.0
Tables, Forms
Style sheets
MathML and XML
July 15
Math'l Documents
TeX and LaTeX
Microsoft Word
Lyx front end
July 16
.sty style files
.dot templates
Journal req'mnts
Math packages
July 17
Formatting Eqns
Embedded Graphics

First Project Due
July 18
Generating Output
PostScript, RTF,
Adobe PDF, DVI,
Second Project
July 19

Lots of
LATEX examples ...
July 22
Intro. to Matlab.
GUI vs. command line

July 23
Matlab m-files
Built-in functions
2D graphics
July 24
Matlab Tour
Lorenz Attractor

Second Project Due
July 25
Sample Apps:
Linear & Nonlinear
Harmonic Oscillators
Third Project
July 26
Matlab - Advanced Topics
Building Interfaces

July 29

Matlab Central
Repository ofprograms
July 30
Other Computer Algebra Systems
July 31

AsciiMathML package
Third Project Due
August 1
Making Movies in Matlab
Fourth Project

August 2
Interactive Web Pages
Introduction to JavaScript

August 5
Interactive Web Pages
Advanced JavaScript

Final Project
Aug 6
Educational Applications

Building Interactive Web Quizzes
Web-based Educational Software
Aug 7
Dynamic HTML

Fourth Project Due
Aug 8

Final Presentations
Aug 9

Final Presentations

Final Presentations: Call my office, 979-845-5631

Thursday, August 8

Friday, August 9