ftp transfer using PuTTY

First, download the PuTTY files from the PuTTY download page

Now, you should have all the files on your local machine:

Now, open a DOS command window (use cmd or command, whichever works!)

  1. From the directory where you installed psftp.exe, run the program psftp.
  2. When it asks you for a hostname, use calclab1.math.tamu.edu
  3. Enter your username when prompted
  4. When it complains about a host key, respond with yes (y)
  5. Enter your password when prompted

Online help is available, just type help at the prompt

get and put and cd will be your most often used commands:

An example of a complete session:

  1. run psftp
  2. open calclab1.math.tamu.edu
  3. cd public_html
  4. put index.html
Your files should now be in the proper place (public_html on the remote machine, calclab1.math.tamu.edu)