Oguz Gezmis
Office: BLOC 640E
E-mail: oguz [at] math.tamu.edu

About me
I am a Ph.D. student in the department of Mathematics at Texas A&M University and my advisor is Matt Papanikolas. My research interest includes Algebraic Number Theory, specifically Drinfeld Modules, special values of L-series and Tate Algebras.
Here is my CV.

Current Teaching

MATH 166:503 - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II- Spring 2019

Publication(s) and Preprint(s)

The de Rham isomorphism for Drinfeld modules over Tate algebras (with Matt Papanikolas), Journal of Algebra, 525 (2019), 454-496. [arXiv.org] [Journal]
Taelman L-values for Drinfeld modules over Tate algebras, Research in the Mathematical Sciences, (2019) 6: 18. [arXiv.org] [Journal]