My research interests include combinatorial commutative algebra and algebraic combinatorics. Currently I am particularly interested in infinite free resolutions, especially those arising in the context of semigroup rings.
Toward Free Resolutions Over Scrolls
(with Laura Felicia Matusevich.)
Counterexamples for Cohen-Macaulayness of Lattice Ideals
(with Laura Felicia Matusevich.)
arXiv:1804.03647 / DOI
Communications in Algebra, Vol. 47: Issue 6 (2018), pp. 2494 - 2502.
On transformations of A-hypergeometric functions
(with Jens Forsgård and Laura Felicia Matusevich.)
To appear in Funkcialaj Ekvacioj (2018).
Splitting techniques and Betti numbers of secant powers
(with Reza Akhtar, Brittany Burns, Haley Dohrmann, Hannah Hoganson, and Zerotti Woods.)
Involve, Vol. 9 (2016), pp. 737 - 750.