Computer Animations

The following are computer animations made by public school students using
Maple V Release 5
under the direction of
Philip B. Yasskin
Department of Math, Texas A&M University.

1999 Computer Animation Contest
5th Grade, Enrichment, Mrs. Burghardt
Oakwood Intermediate School, College Station TX

Morning Class

First Prize

Jackie B. & Mandi S.   Field of Flowers

Second Prize

Wilfried S.   Orion Special

Third Prize

Meredith W. & Shannon O.   Growing Fish

Afternoon Class

First Prize

Ashley J.   Scoring in Volleyball

Second Prize

Alex G.   R2D2

Third Prize

Ingrid T. & John A.   Project Pegasus

Honorable Mention

Liang L. & Michelle H.   The Horse Show

Nate P. & Derek Z.   Airplane Landing

Annie L., Kelli H., & Kristina W.   The Life of a Flower


Aozhang H.   Sun

Ryan F. & Easton M.   The Football 3 Pointer

Miller A.   The Winning Shot

Agustin C.   Round Bike

Angela Y. and Kristen C.   The Sunset Jump

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