Browser GUI

A specification of all GUI elements in order can be found here

View Data Set
Reconstruct Surface
Compare Two Data Sets
Filter Noise
Use these only if type is .xyz or .xyzrgba:
Fill gaps in data
Floodfill in/out indicators
Reinforce thin structures
Extend to boundary by averaging
Choose and fill either, only if Filter Noise is also selected:
Filtering Based on Occupancy
Point Density Ratio
Filter Based on Deviation
Distance Deviation
Angle Deviation
Number of Marks
Reconstruction Parameters:
Haar    Daubechies-4
Extract differences only near data points
Comparison Parameters: Use only if comparing sets
Extract differences only near data points
Extract differences only in intersection of data sets
Reconstruct surfaces only near shared data points
Threshold indicator functions before comparison
Compute Hausdorff distances and color accordingly


Uploading may take time if the file is large, please be patient.
The current max file upload size is 10MB. This can be increased if necessary: e-mail us at