This will explain the Graphical User Interface in order separated by box

Note: Options that are greyed out, or unselectable, are either currently unsupported by this interface or you have not yet selected the correct option predecessors to need these further options.


Here the task to be performed is selected:

File Type

In this box the data files to be processed are selected. Data files may have the formats .pts, .stm, .xyz or .xyzrgba. Descriptions of each file type are available here: File Formats

Use these only if type is .xyz or .xyzrgba (currently unsupported)

For .xyz and .xyzrgba files, normals must be calculated prior to surface reconstruction. In this box, some options for the preprocessing of .xyz and .xyzrgba files can be set. The following options are only available if the use of trajectory information is enabled:

Choose and fill either, only if Filter Noise is also selected (currently unsupported)

If Filter noise was requested in the data file selection box, this box allows the user to specify various parameters of the noise filtering algorithms.

Reconstruction Parameters

In this box the parameters for the surface reconstruction algorithm are selected.

Comparison Parameters (currently unsupported)

Here the options for the comparison of two reconstructed surfaces are set. Notice that for the comparison of two data sets, Daubechies-4 wavelets are used for the reconstruction of the surfaces.