Non-Archimedean coAmoeba of a line

AMS Special Session

Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
2011 Joint Mathematical Meetings
New Orleans, LA
9 January 2011.

Description of special session.

Dave Anderson, University of Washington. Newton-Okounkov bodies of Bott-Samelson varieties
Christine Berkesh, Stockholm University. Equivariant methods for hypergeometric systems.
Florian Block, University of Michigan. Computing Node Polynomials for Plane Curves.
Anders Buch, Rutgers University. Finiteness of cominuscule quantum K-theory.
Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University. Positivity in the Symplectic Category.
June Huh, University of Illinois. Milnor numbers of projective hypersurfaces and the chromatic polynomial of graphs.
Eric Katz, University of Texas. Lifting Tropical Curves and Linear Systems on Graphs.
Kiumars Kaveh, University of Pittsburgh. Newton-Okounkov bodies and crystal bases
Allen Knutson, Cornell University. Degeneration of Frobenius splittings, and Kazhdan-Lusztig varieties.
Leonardo Mihalcea, Baylor University. Spaces of rational curves in flag manifolds and the quantum Chevalley formula.
Benjamin Nill, University of Georgia. Polyhedral Adjunction Theory.
Mounir Nisse, Jussieu and Texas A&M. Complex and Non-Archimedean Coamoebas.
Alan Stapledon, University of British Columbia. The tropical motivic nearby fiber.
Julianna Tymoczko, University of Iowa. Permutation group representations and (equivariant) cohomology of Hessenberg varieties
Alex Woo, St. Olaf College. Local complete intersection Schubert varieties
Josephine Yu, Georgia Tech. An Implicitization Challenge for Binary Factor Analysis.

Organizers: Frank Sottile & Alexander Yong