Toric degeneration of cubic Bézier triangle

AMS-SIAM Special Session

Applications of Algebraic Geometry
2010 Joint Mathematical Meetings
San Francisco, CA
16 January 2010.

Description of special session. Schedule.

Henry Adams, Stanford. Topological data analysis and the nudged elastic band method.
Daniel Bates, Colorado State University. Recovering exact results from numerical computation in algebraic geometry.
Gunnar Carlsson, Stanford. Algebraic aspects of persistence.
Valerie Hower, Berkeley. A persistence tree-based method for calling peaks in ChIP-seq protein binding analysis.
Vin de Silva, Pomona College. From Isomap to Persistence: nonlinear dimensionality reduction with circular coordinates.
Mathias Drton, University of Chicago. On a parametrization of positive semidefinite matrices with zeros.
Jon Hauenstein, Fields Institute and Texas A&M University. Computing Hilbert functions using dual bases.
Erich Kaltofen, NCSU. ArtinProver: a truly hybrid symbolic/numeric global optimization algorithm.
Reinhard Laubenbacher, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute. Nested canalyzing polynomial dynamical systems.
Pablo Parrilo, MIT. The convex algebraic geometry of rank minimization.
Anne Shiu, Berkeley. Computing siphons in biochemical reaction systems.
Andrew Sommese, University of Notre Dame. Zebra Fish, Tumor Growth, and Algebraic Geometry.
Bernd Sturmfels, University of California at Berkeley. Orbitopes.
Seth Sullivant, NCSU. Algebraic geometry of Gaussian graphical models.
Zach Teiter, TAMU. Experimentation at the Frontiers of Reality in Schubert Calculus.

Organizers: Frank Sottile & Luis David Garcia-Puente