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AMS Special Session

Applicable Algebraic Geometry
2009 Fall AMS Central Section Meeting
Baylor University, Waco, TX
16--18 October 2009.

Description of special session.

Hirotachi Abo, University of Idaho. Secant varieties to tangential varieties of cubic Veronese embedding.
Martin Avendano, TAMU. Descartes' rule is Exact!
Daniel Bates, Colorado State University. Khovanskii-Rolle continuation for real solutions of polynomial systems.
Weronika Buczynska, TAMU. Toric models of graphs.
Elena Dimitrova, Clemson. Probabilistic dynamical systems for reverse engineering of the yeast cell cycle network.
Anton Leykin, Georgia Tech. Numerical Algebraic Geometry for Macaulay 2.
Matt Macauley, Clemson. What do Coxeter groups and Boolean networks have in common?
Martin Malandro, SHSU. Inverse semigroup Fourier analysis for partially ranked data.
Abraham Martín del Campo Sanchez, TAMU. Finiteness theorems for chains of toric ideals.
Megan Owen, SAMSI. A Fast Algorithm for Computing Geodesic Distances in Tree Space.
Chris Peterson, Colorado State University. Numerical computation of the Jordan Canonical Form of a matrix via algebraic geometry.
Greg Rempala, Dept. of Biostatistics, Medical College of Georgia. Algebraic Statistical Model for Inferring Biochemical Reactions Network.
J. Maurice Rojas, TAMU. Chamber Cones and Faster Real Solution Counting.
Ivan Soprunov, Cleveland State U. On higher dimensional toric codes.
Seth Sullivant, NCSU. Identifiability of phylogenetic mixture models.
Zach Teitler, TAMU. Experimentation at the Frontiers of Reality in Schubert Calculus.
Stefan Tohaneanu, University of Cincinnati. The minimal distance of evaluation codes.
Felipe Voloch, University of Texas. Factoring polynomials and an algebraic surface cryptosystem.
Ruriko Yoshida, University of Kentucky. Markov bases and subbases for bounded contingency tables.

Organizers: Frank Sottile & Luis David Garcia-Puente