Software for certifying numerical solutions to polynomial equations

Jonathan Hauenstein and Frank Sottile

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What versions of Maple will run the Maple interface?

    The Maple interface is known to run on Maple 12 and higher.

  2. What Cygwin libraries need to be installed?

    Apart from the default Cygwin libraries, the GMP and MPFR libraries need to be installed. To install these libraries, simply select the GMP and MPFR libraries from the list of packages on the "Select Packages" screen during installation.

  3. How can I run alphaCertified.exe from the Windows command line? In particular, I can execute alphaCertified.exe under Cygwin. However, from the command line, I receive the error "Unable To Locate Component" regarding either cygwin1.dll, cyggcc_s-1.dll, cyggmp-3.dll, or cygmpfr-1.dll.

    Locate and copy these four files, which are installed by Cygwin, into the same folder as the executable file alphaCertied.exe.

Last modified: Mon Nov 22 12:08:09 CDT 2010