Fall 2016 Math 151 (Engineering Math I)

    Dr Sengupta's office hours in BLOC 215 : MTWR 1:30 -- 2:30 pm, Fridays 9:30 -- 11:00 am
    Lectures: MWF 11:30 am to 12:20 pm in BLOC 166
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Math 151: Fall 2016 Class Materials
    Completed class notes are available on e-campus.
    Grades (Exams scores, weekly quiz scores, matlab scores) will also be available on e-campus.
    Homework will be online via WebAssign
    You have to buy access to webassign for this course and have
    the option to buy a copy of your textbook with the HW access.
    Please do not enter any access codes into webassign till the second week of class.
    Textbook: "Calculus: Early Vectors" by Stewart.
    Textbook for computer labs: "Matlab: An introduction with Applications" by Amos Gilat, 5th edition.
    (An e-copy of the 5th edition is available on the Wiley site @ www.wiley.com/college/gilat.)

Math 151: Week-in-Reviews for Fall 2016
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Math 151: Common Exam Information

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