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Texas A&M University

Steve Johnson, Sr. Systems Analyst

Office: Blocker 217D
Phone: (979)845-4267
E-mail: steve [AT]
Office Hours: M-F 10:00 - 11:00
and by appointment



Research Interests

  • Quasicrystyals and incommensurate structures
  • Simulations studies of magnetic systems
  • Kosterlitz-Thouless theory of phase transitions
  • Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
  • Massively parallel Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics algorithms
  • Domain-decomposition techniques for MIMD and SMP parallel computers

Current Projects

  • Prepare for IVC 2.0 hardware/software upgrade
  • Evaluate SLURM workload manager as replacement for Torque/Maui
  • Evaluate workflow management systems for high throughput grid computing
  • Software evaluation for the IVC.
  • Upgrade Condor on the department's desktops.
  • Run scaling simulations for 2D and 3D harmonic random tiling models to determine phason-phonon coupling effects.
  • Port random tiling simulations to grid environment.
  • Work on parallelizing (using pthreads) a Monte Carlo simulation of a magnetic system on 8-core servers. Extend to hybrid MPI+pthreads.

Notice to those seeking student worker positions

Each semester I typically receive dozens of cover letters and resumes via e-mail from students seeking employment. This is great. However, attachments sent in Microsoft Word format will be deleted. If you want your resume read, please send it as PDF. Better yet, send it as plain text.

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