The conference will take place on the Texas A&M University campus. On Wednesday, April 30, Thursday, May 1, and Friday, May 2, the conference will take place in the Blocker Building, Room 166. On Saturday, May 3, the conference will instead take place next door in the Mitchell Physics Building, Room 205.

Wednesday, April 30 (Blocker 166)
8:30–8:50Registration and coffee
8:50–9:00Welcome from Emil Straube, Department Head
9:00–9:50Ron Douglas
Arveson's conjecture and the Grothendieck–Riemann–Roch theorem
10:00–10:50Paula Tretkoff
An ε-knowledge introduction to some basic objects of commutative and noncommutative number theory
10:50–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:10Rufus Willett
Expanders, exactness, and exotic completions
2:00–2:50Michel Hilsum
Invariance of the Godbillon–Vey map by absolutely continuous homeomorphisms
3:00–3:50Markus Pflaum
Whitney functions and the real homotopy type of a semi-analytic set
3:50–4:20Coffee break
4:20–5:10Dennis Sullivan
Departmental Colloquium: Numerical algorithms for ideal 3D fluid motion based on algebraic topology
5:20–6:10 Farzad Fathizadeh
Scalar curvature, the Gauss–Bonnet theorem and the Einstein–Hilbert action for noncommutative tori
Thursday, May 1 (Blocker 166)
8:30–9:00Registration and coffee
9:00–9:50 Jonathan Rosenberg
Levi-Civita connections for noncommutative tori
10:00–10:50Jean Bellissard
Computational noncommutative geometry: the work of Emil Prodan
10:50–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:10Xiang Tang
A higher index theorem for proper cocompact actions
2:00–2:50Dan Freed
Differential K-theory and Dirac operators
3:00–3:50Alexander Gorokhovsky
Higher analytic indices and a symbolic index pairing
3:50–4:20Coffee break
4:20–5:10Bahram Rangipour
Lie–Hopf algebras and their Hopf cyclic cohomology
5:20–6:10 Raphaël Ponge
Noncommutative geometry and conformal geometry
Friday, May 2 (Blocker 166)
8:30–9:00Registration and coffee
9:00–9:50Alain Connes
Foiaş Lecture Series I: Noncommutative geometry from its origins to its implications in physics
10:00–10:50Henri Moscovici
Hopf cyclic cohomology and characteristic classes
10:50–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:10Caterina Consani
The universal thickening of real and complex numbers: towards an archimedean analogue of Fontaine's theory
2:00–2:50Nigel Higson
The noncommutative geometry of tempered representations
3:00–3:50Sherry Gong
The finite part of operator K-theory and traces on reduced C*-algebras for groups with rapid decay
3:50–4:20Coffee break
4:20–5:10Alain Connes
Foiaş Lecture Series II: The music of shapes (public lecture)
6:30–Banquet at Madden's Casual Gourmet, Bryan, TX [Map]
Saturday, May 3 (Mitchell Physics 205)
8:30–9:00Registration and coffee
9:00–9:50Alain Connes
Foiaş Lecture Series III: Noncommutative geometry and number theory
10:00–10:50Masoud Khalkhali
On the spectral action principle for Robertson–Walker metrics
10:50–11:20Coffee break
11:20–12:10Paul Baum
Expanders and K-theory for group C*-algebras
2:00–2:50Michael R. Douglas
A survey of string theory and noncommutative geometry
3:00–3:50David Berenstein
From matrices to hypersurfaces and beyond
3:50–4:20Coffee break
4:20–5:10 Branimir Ćaćić
Twisted group algebras and Connes–Landi deformation of spectral triples
5:20–6:10Zhizhang Xie
Higher rho invariants and the moduli space of positive scalar curvature metrics