MATH 253, Spring 2008
Honors Maple Projects

Final Projects have been edited by Dr. P. Yasskin at Texas A&M University.

Maplets and Maple Procedures

To view the Maplets you must have Maple 10 or higher.
Click on the name of the Maplet.
To see how they are programmed, download the Maple Worksheet. Some may require Maple 11.

To try a Maple procedure, download the Maple Worksheet and execute it. Some may require Maple 11.

Sequences and Series

Computation of Taylor Polynomials by Susan Vanderzyl & Rebecca Hollkamp
Maple Worksheet

Vectors, Dot and Cross Products

Angles and Areas of Triangles by John Horn
Maple Worksheet

Plotting Electric Fields of Point Charges by William Sames
Maple Worksheet

Curves and Surfaces

Quadratic Surface Identification from an Equations by Shu Ho & Amy Su
Maple Worksheet

Quadratic Surface Identification from a Graph by Austin Probe & Jason Monschke
Maple Worksheet

Partial Derivatives

Traces and Tangent Planes for Functions of 2 Variables by Brandon Cook
Maple Worksheet for AniTrace procedure
Maple Worksheet for AniTanPlane procedure

Multiple Integrals

Center of Mass of a Plate with Non-Uniform Density by Sarah Mannen
Maple Worksheet

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