MATH 253, Spring 2009
Honors Maplet Projects

Final Projects have been edited by Dr. P. Yasskin at Texas A&M University.

To view the Maplets you must have Maple 10 or higher. Some may require Maple 11 or 12. A couple require the VecCalc package, which is freely available at "
Click on the name of the Maplet.
To see how they are programmed, download the Maple Worksheet.

Sequences and Series

Computing Limits using Maclaurin Series by David Dwyer & David Migl
Maple Worksheet

Approximating Integrals using Maclaurin Series by Bryan Layton & Tyler Savell
Maple Worksheet

Partial Derivatives

Maximum Volume of a Box under a Paraboloid by Chris Standley & Alexandru Raducanu
Maple Worksheet

Curves and Surfaces

Arc Length of a 3D Parametric Curve by Carl Runco & Daniel Charles
Maple Worksheet

Work along a 3D Parametric Curve by John Kirgis & James Deck
Maple Worksheet (requires the VecCalc package)

Surface Area of a Parametric Surface by Michael Cook & Robert Garay
Maple Worksheet (requires the VecCalc package)


Tic Tac Toe by Frederick Doe & Adam Forness
Maple Worksheet

Four in a Row by Erik Katzen & Mitch Pace
Maple Worksheet

3D Virtual Reality Maze by Michael Ballard
Maple Worksheet

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