Prepints  on-line:

1. (Jointly with David Sykes) Maximal dimension of groups of symmetries of homogeneous 2-nondegenerate CR structures of hypersurface type with a 1-dimensional Levi kernel, 2021. preprint arXiv:2102.08599[math.CV]

2. (Jointly with David Sykes)
On geometry of 2-nondegenerate CR structures of hypersurface type and flag structures on leaf spaces of Levi foliations, 2020preprint arXiv:2010.02770 [math.CV]

3. (Jointly with Boris Doubrov)
Vector distributions with very large symmetries via rational normal curves, preprint  arXiv:2004.07201[math. DG] 18 pages

4. (Jointly with Boris Doubrov)  On local geometry of vector distribution with given Jacobi symbols, pdf,  arXiv:1610.09577, 56 pages, 

5.  (Jointly with Boris Doubrov) Prolongation of quasi-principal frame bundles and geometry of flag structures on manifolds, preprint 2012, submitted, arXiv:1210.7334 v2 [math. DG],  49 pages .pdf

6. (Jointly with Boris Doubrov) On local geometry of rank 3 distributions with 6-dimensional square,  preprint, 2008, arXiv: 0807.3267 v1 [math.DG], 40 pages, .pdf (the results of this preprint are  proved  in more conceptual way  and generalized  in the recent preprint [2])