CombinaTexas: Combinatorics in the South-Central U.S.
March 29-March 31, 2002
University of North Texas

The Third Annual Meeting of the CombinaTexas Conference will be held on the campus of the Univerisity of North Texas, beginning Friday evening, March 29, and continuing through mid-day Sunday, March 31.

We would greatly appreciate your help in publicizing the conference. The following flyer contains a summary of the basic information. Please feel free to print this flyer (on a color printer!) and to post it and to redistribute it around the area.

Speakers: Names and institutions of the 7 main speakers
Abstracts: Abstracts for the talks
Everyone is welcome. There are no registration fees and limited support for participants is available.
All correspondence should be sent to the following address.
CombinaTexas Conference
Mathematics Department
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3368
If you wish to contact a conference organizer directly, please contact

--at Texas A&M University:
Catherine Yan,, (979) 862-4476
Jon McCammond,, (979) 845-2450
--at University of North Texas:
Joseph Kung,, (940) 565-4084
Neal Brand,, (940) 565-2155

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