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Texas A&M University

Events for 02/23/2024 from all calendars

Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar

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Time: 1:50PM - 2:50PM

Location: BLOC 302

Speaker: Jun Kitagawa, MSU

Title: The structure of sliced and disintegrated Monge-Kantorovich metrics

Abstract: The sliced and max sliced Wasserstein metrics are metrics on probability measures on $\mathbb{R}^n$ with certain finite moments, exploiting the particularly simple nature of transport on the real line. These were introduced as computationally faster alternatives to the usual optimal transport distance in applications. Some basic properties are known about their geometric structure, but not much is available in the way of a systematic study. The first half of this talk will present some further properties of these sliced metrics. The second half will introduce a larger family of metric spaces into which these metrics can be embedded, which seem to have more desirable geometric properties. This talk is based on joint work with Asuka Takatsu.