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MATH 151 - Guidelines for Common Exams


The first year of calculus, (Math 151/152), is a prerequisite for most math, physics and engineering courses. In fact, the College of Engineering uses the grades in Math 151 and 152 to help determine who is allowed to enroll in upper level engineering courses. Therefore, it is critical that the Mathematics Department have a common standard across all sections of this course. For these reasons, the Department has implemented a system of three common exams in Math 151 and 152. The final exam will not be of common type and will be administered during the usual Final Exam period at the time scheduled by the University (see your course schedule book).


The exams and the laboratory grade are to be weighted as follows.

  • Average of Exam 1, 2, and 3 = 60% (20% each)
  • Lab Grade = 20%
  • Final Exam = 20%


The exams will be administered from 7:30-9:30 pm on the following dates:
Common exam room assignments and dates

Any student with a documented class conflict with the exam time may schedule to take a makeup exam. You must inform your instructor in advance so arrangements can be made with departmental staff either in Blocker or Milner for such make-ups. Students with verified disabilities can make an arrangement for the exam to be administered by the Office of Support Services for Students with Disabilities.


  1. Students need to bring a ScanTron Form #882-E OR #815-E (as announced by your instructor), No.2 pencil, and a picture I.D. to each common exam.
  2. Exams are two hours long.
  3. The exam will have two parts, the first part multiple-choice (NO partial credit) and the second part work-out (partial credit possible).
  4. Electronic devices of any type are NOT allowed for the exam.
  5. The entire exam is closed book; i.e., students are NOT allowed to use notes or formula sheets.

Past common exams for Math 151 are now posted on the web.

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