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Texas A&M University

MATH 304 - Linear Algebra - Fall 2021

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

Introductory course in linear algebra covering abstract ideas of vector space and linear transformation as well as models and applications of these concepts, such as systems of linear equations, matrices and determinants. MATH 323 designed to be a more demanding version of this course. Only one of the following will satisfy the requirements for a degree: MATH 304, MATH 309, MATH 311 and MATH 323.
Prerequisite: MATH 148, MATH 152, or MATH 172; junior or senior classification; also taught at Galveston campus.

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Sec Instructor Lecture
200 Volodymyr Nekrashevych MWF 10:20-11:10am BLOC 128
501 Volodymyr Nekrashevych MWF 10:20-11:10am BLOC 128
502 Volodymyr Nekrashevych MWF 11:30-12:20pm BLOC 128
503 Alexander Roiterchtein TR 11:10-12:25pm BLOC 133
504 Alexander Roiterchtein TR 12:45-2:00pm BLOC 133
505 Laura Matusevich MWF 1:50-2:40pm BLOC 128
506 Alexander Roiterchtein TR 2:20-3:35pm BLOC 128
508 Prabir Daripa TR 11:10-12:25pm BLOC 128
509 Laura Matusevich MWF 11:30-12:20pm BLOC 133
511 Prabir Daripa TR 9:35-10:50am BLOC 133
512 Shuang Ming TR 12:45-2:00pm BLOC 128
513 Sherry Gong MWF 9:10-10:00am BLOC 128
514 Bojan Popov MWF 9:10-10:00am BLOC 133
515 Sherry Gong MWF 8:00-8:50am BLOC 128