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Texas A&M University

Angela Allen and Joel Zinn Receive Outstanding Teaching Award

Angela Allen and Joel Zinn have been selected to receive an Outstanding Teaching Award for 2009.

In the words of a colleague who nominated her, Angela Allen has shown \incredible dedi- cation to her students and to the mathematics department. Her students are her highest priority, and as such, she is one of the most talented lecturers in the department". She has continued to perform her duties with unswerving zeal, even in the face of severe physical problems she had to overcome a few years ago. Her complete commitment to teaching has enriched the educational experiences of her students.

Joel Zinn is an adept at communicating to his students, both mathematics as well as his irrepressible and infectious enthusiasm for the subject. He often lectures courses which students nd challenging, if not daunting, so they value and appreciate the personal atten- tion he gives them. A student refers to him as \the most helpful and welcoming professor I have ever had", and adds that \he works extremely well with students. I am never hes- istant to approach him with questions, for I know he will be waiting and willing to help me." Another student remarks that \he has a way of keeping the attention of his students. You can tell that he has a passion for teaching, and also that he wants his students to learn and understand what is going on, and more importantly succeed. He has such a great reputation with students, which is a wonderful gift".