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Texas A&M University

Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar

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iCal 08/30
BLOC 628 P. Kuchment  CANCELLED
iCal 09/06
BLOC 628 Robert Booth
Texas A&M University
Almost Global Existence for Asymptotically Euclidean Quasilinear Wave Equations
iCal 09/12
BLOC 220 Burak Hatinoglu
A complex analytic approach to mixed spectral problems (Unusual day, time and room)
iCal 09/13
BLOC 628 Selim Sukhtaiev
Rice University
Hadamard-type formulas and resolvent expansions
iCal 09/20
BLOC 628 Junho Yang
Texas A&M University, Statistics
Rate of convergence in Szego limit theorems
iCal 09/25
BLOC 628 Lior Alon
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
On a CLT conjecture for the nodal statistics of quantum graphs
iCal 09/27
BLOC 628 Blake Keeler
Random Waves and the Spectral Function on Manifolds without Conjugate Points
iCal 10/04
BLOC 628 Wencai Liu
Texas A&M University
Anderson localization for multi-frequency quasi-periodic operators on higher dimensional latices
iCal 10/09
BLOC 624 Michael Levitin
University of Reading (UK)
Asymptotics of Steklov eigenvalues for curvilinear polygons (Unusual date and room!)
iCal 10/11
BLOC 628 Irina Holmes
Texas A&M University
A new proof of the weak (1,1) inequality for the dyadic square function
iCal 10/18
BLOC 628 Cody Stockdale
Washington University, St. Louis
A Different Approach to Endpoint Weak-type Estimates for Calderón-Zygmund Operators
iCal 10/25
BLOC 628 P. Kuchment
On generic non-degeneracy of spectral edges. Discrete case
iCal 11/08
BLOC 628 Gregory Berkolaiko
Texas A&M University
Quantum graphs with a shrinking subgraph and exotic eigenvalues
iCal 11/15
BLOC 628 Sohrab Shahshahani
UMass Amherst
Asymptotic stability of harmonic maps on the hyperbolic plane under the Schrodinger maps evolution
iCal 11/20
BLOC 624 Rodrigo Bezerra Matos
Localization in the disordered Hubbard model within Hartree-Fock theory
iCal 11/22
BLOC 628 Jonas Luhrmann
Texas A&M University
Stability of kinks and dispersive decay of Klein-Gordon waves

The organizer for this seminar is Stephen Fulling.