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Texas A&M University

Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar

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LocationSpeaker Title click for abstract
iCal 01/28
Zoom Ralph Kaufmann
Purdue University
Local Models and Global Constraints
iCal 01/29
Zoom Chris Marx
Oberlin College
Potential dependence of the density of states: deterministic, ergodic, and random potentials
iCal 02/11
Zoom Marvin Plümer
FernUniversität in Hagen
Eigenvalue bounds for the Laplacian on embedded metric graphs
iCal 02/12
Zoom Benito Juarez-Aubry
Semiclassical gravity in static spacetimes as a constrained initial value problem
iCal 02/25
Zoom Salma Lahbabi
A mean-field model for disordered crystals
iCal 03/04
Zoom Pavel Kurasov
Crystalline measures: from quantum graphs to stable polynomials
iCal 03/05
Zoom Rostislav Grigorchuk
Texas A&M University
Spectra of groups and graphs: a short survey.
iCal 03/11
Zoom Raphael Ducatez
Spectrum of critical Erdos Renyi graph
iCal 03/12
Zoom Jon Harrison
Baylor University
Periodic orbit evaluation of a spectral statistic of quantum graphs without the semiclassical limit
iCal 03/18
Zoom Silvius Klein
iCal 03/25
Zoom Dmitry Jakobson
Univ. Montreal
Nodal set and negative eigenvalues in conformal geometry
iCal 03/26
Zoom Sergei Tabachnikov
Penn State
Flavors of bicycle mathematics
iCal 04/02
Zoom Peter Kuchment TBA
iCal 04/09
Zoom Jared Wunsch
Northwestern University
iCal 04/22
Zoom Mikael Sundqvist
Lund University
Spectral flow for pair compatible equipartitions
iCal 04/23
Zoom Jason Metcalfe
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
iCal 04/29
Online via zoom Constanza Rojas-Molina
CY Cergy Paris Université

The organizers for this seminar are Bob Booth and Rodrigo Matos. Email them with talk suggestions and to request the Zoom link.