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Texas A&M University

Student Working Seminar in Category Theory

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iCal 10/15
BLOC 506A Zheng Kuang
Texas A&M University
Riehl Ch1~Ch2.1
iCal 10/22
BLOC 506A Zheng Kuang The Yoneda Lemma (Riehl 2.2)
iCal 10/29
BLOC 506A Byeongsu Yu Universal property and Category of element. (Riehl 2.3~2.4)
iCal 11/05
BLOC 506A TBA Limit and Colimit (Riehl 3.1)
iCal 11/19
BLOC 628 Byeongsu Yu Properties of limits and colimits and its representable nature
iCal 11/26
BLOC 628 Byeongsu Yu Limits in the category of sets