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Texas A&M University

Mathematics Undergraduate Research Expo


  • Timothy Cheng.
    A Stochastic Model for the West Nile Virus.
  • Harris Cobb.
    On the problem of squaring oriented graphs.
  • Jay Standridge.
    Approximating the Solutions to Differential Equations Using Orthogonal Polynomials.
  • Mingxuan Wang.
    Big Data Information Extraction.


  • Josiah Blaisdell and William Ogletree.
    Quantum Groups and Communication Capacity.
  • Advait Parulekar.
    Locating matrices with degenerate eigenvalues.


  • Stephen Capps
    Modeling Fractional Diffusion Using Brownian Motion.
  • Yaqi Dai
    Relative monotonicity of secular determinants of quantum graphs.
  • Madeline Hansalik
    Magnetic Spectral Decimation on the Diamond Fractal.
  • Jacob Hartzer
    Periodicity of Irreducible Elements in Arithmetical Congruence Monoids.
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  • Ronilo Ragodos
    Percolation Clusters on Products of Fractal Graphs.
  • Meghan Shanks
    Quantifying CDS Sortability of Permutations Using Strategic Piles.
  • Sicheng Wang
    Parameter identification via surface deformations.
  • Elise Walker
    Jacobian elliptic Kummer surfaces and special function identities.


  • Sebastian Arenas
    Approximating Volume Using Monte Carlo Integration.
  • Stephen Capps
    Iterations' Frequency of the GCD Algorithm.
  • Angel Castillo
    Convergence Preserving Permutations and Divergent Fourier Series.
  • Andrew Nemec
    Self-Orthogonal Cyclic Codes over Finite Chain Rings.
  • Sarah Sahibzada
    Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Integer Factorization.


  • Andrew Castillo
    Higher dimensional linking of n-spheres in simplicial complexes embedded in the (2n+1)-sphere.
  • Angel Castillo
    The Sandpile Group of Series-Parallel Graphs.
  • Jordan Cazamias
    Exploring Shape Grammar Optimization as a Tool for Automated Design.
  • Joseph L. Donnelly IV
    How mathematical modeling of circadian rhythms could elucidate underlying biochemistry in mammalians.
  • Nathan LaFerney
    A Method of Placement for Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools.
  • Will Linz
    Counting Symmetric Fullerene Patches with 4 Pentagons.
  • Steven Murray
    Soft Wall Model for the Casimir effect.
  • Barbara Smith
    Modeling Mean Curvature Flow Using Cellular Automata.
  • Kyle Williams
    Time-Stepping Methods on the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
  • Bruce Zheng
    Factorization Lengths of Arithmetic Congruence Monoids.