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Texas A&M University

Abstracts from the 2008 Texas A&M University REU Miniconference

A Three-Species Predator-Prey Model Incorporating Trophic Transfer of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in the Great Lakes System, A. Knodt, C. Montgomery.

Traveling Salesman and DNA: Using Mathematica to Solve Problems in Graph Theory, T. Swang.

On Refinable Functions, J. Meuser.

Simulating Dispersal Kernels with Diffusion and Nonhomogeneous Convection, A. Peterson.

Controlling Tuberculosis: Two Modeling Approaches, A. Basinski, J. Holodnak.

Stochastic Modeling of Vaccine-Derived Poliomyelitis, Y. Lee

Modeling Gene Drive Systems, S. Johnson, J. Wratten.

Modeling of Influenza Using Fuzzy Logic, A. Ram.

Tight Frames and Five Dimensional Soda Straws, T. Andrews, J. Meuser.

Comparing Two Simple Algorithms for Solving Sparse Univariate Polynomials Over C, J. Frerich.

Foot and Mouth Disease in Texas Deer, B. Fellman.

A Multi-Vector Rabies Model, M. Cefalu, D. Schroeder.

Break it Down: Using Wavelets to Analyze Handwritten Letters, A. Burgers, L. deCastro, M. Mack, K. McConville, K. Nowak.

Determining Forged Signatures Using Using Wavelet Decomposition, B. Baker, M. Harris, D. Morales, B. Rothschild, C. Wheeler.

It's a Coyote Eat Deer Feed Tick World: A Deterministic Model of Predator-Prey-Parasite Interaction in the Northeastern United States, O. DeMasi, K. Li.

Word Recognition, W. Brown, J. Gowdy, A. Riggs, S. Schissel, E. Trigg.

Identification of Cursive Letters, S. Akopian, S. Antol, H. Fouasnon, P. Spencer.

Riesz's Pieces, C. Porter, T. Thompson.

Johne's Disease in Dairy Cows, J. Towles.

Analysis of Predator & Prey Models with Multiple Patches under Different Migratory Assumptions, B. Cunha, C. Donovan.

Efficient Algorithms for Characterizing the Roots of Sparse Polynomials, O. Bastani, D. Popov.

Simulating Hurricane Tracks and Strike Probabilities, S. McFarling, C. Phillips.

The Effect of Hurricane Characteristics on Landfall, J. Lederer.

Refinable Functions: The Exceptional Case, R. Lee, P. Weber.