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2019 Sue Geller Undergraduate Lecture given by Laura DeMarco (Northwestern University). See CoS article.
Eric Rowell and Guoliang Yu have been named Simons Fellows in Mathematics. 2019 list is here. CoS story is here.
Congratulations to our Putnam team, Advait Parulekar, Jordan Lamkin, and Matthew Kroesche, who placed 20th at the 2018 competition. The team is coached by Doug Hensley.
Assistant Professor Junehuyk Jung has been awarded a Sloan Fellowship. CoS article is here.

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Number Theory Seminar
Wei-Lun Tsai (Texas A&M University) Arithmetic statistics of canonical Hecke L-functions
B220  Mar 27 1:45pm
Noncommutative Geometry Seminar
Rudolf Zeidler (University of M√ľnster) Slant products on the analytic structure group via the stable Higson corona
B628  Mar 27 2:00pm
Numerical Analysis Seminar
Serge Prudhomme (Polytechnique Montreal) A goal-oriented formulation for reduced-order modeling
B628  Mar 27 3:00pm
Linear Analysis Seminar
Martijn Caspers (TU Delft) Non-commutative Lipschitz and commutator estimates
B220  Mar 27 4:00pm
Dr. Nima Kalantari (Department of Computer Science & Engineering, TAMU) Deep Learning for Sampling and Reconstruction in Computer Graphics
B220  Mar 27 6:00pm