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Departmental Teaching Awards went to Dean Baskin and Joungdong Kim, departmental Service Awards to Rashi Arora and Mike Pilant. Citations are here.
Assistant Professor Dean Baskin has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant.
Jeffrey Lagarias of the University of Michigan is delivering this year's Undergraduate Research Lecture on March 1. CoS article.
Hagler Institute for Advanced Study (formerly TIAS) Symposium, Fedruary 22-24, 2017.

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Committee P&T Meeting B220 Mar 23 4:00pm
Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar
Peter Hintz (University of California, Berkeley) Non-linear stability of Kerr-de Sitter black holes
B628  Mar 24 1:50pm
Banach Spaces Seminar
Petros Valettas (University of Missouri) Variance estimates and Dvoretzky's theorem
B220  Mar 24 3:00pm
Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar
Xingwei Wang (Nankai University and Texas A&M University) Infinite log-monotonicity and finite difference of combinatorial sequences
B628  Mar 24 3:00pm
Geometry Seminar
Robert Williams (TAMU) An introduction to convex neural codes
B628  Mar 24 4:00pm