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Praise Adeyemo of the University of Ibadan in Nigeria is visiting the department this semester as an Abel Visiting Scholar
Former Visiting Assistant Professor Yuliya Gorb wins NSF Career Award
Fields Medallist Cedric Villani will give the 2014-15 Distinguished Lecture at TAMU, Qatar
Edriss Titi appointed Owen Professor of Mathematics

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Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar
TGTC, Feb. 27--Mar 1 at University of Houston
 Feb 27 3:00pm
Banach Spaces Seminar
Galyna Livshyts (Kent State University ) On the perimeter of a convex set
B220  Feb 27 3:00pm
Geometry Seminar
TGTC, Texas Geometry and Topology Conference
UHouston  Feb 27 4:00pm
Linear Analysis Seminar
Ron Douglas (Texas A&M University) Applications of Geometrical Ideas to Operator Theory
B220  Feb 27 4:00pm
Graduate Student Organization Seminar
Kaitlyn Phillipson (Texas A&M University) A History of Sylvester's Four Point Problem
B220  Feb 27 5:00pm