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Alex Poltoratski and Maurice Rojas have been elected Fellows of the American Mathematical Society, class of 2019. Here is CoS article.
One of our applied mathematics majors, Jon Bishop, received the SEC Cross Country Scholar-Athlete of the Year award.
Taylor Brysiewicz and Ola Sobieska are this year's recipents of the department's Larry Guseman Prize for graduate students.

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Probability Seminar
SHAMGAR GUREVITCH (U Wisconsin-Madison) Harmonic Analysis on GLn over finite fields, and Random Walks
B628  Jan 18 11:00am
Colloquium - Daniel Hernandez Daniel Hernandez, B220 Jan 18 4:00pm
Numerical Analysis Seminar
A. Cohen, E. Tadmor and W. Dahmen (mini-symposium) ``Challenges in Computational Mathematics’'
MitchellInstitu  Jan 23 1:00pm
Dr. Michael Anshelevich (Department of Mathematics, TAMU) REU Information Session
B220  Jan 23 6:00pm
Student/Postdoc Working Geometry Seminar
A. Pal (TAMU) Mukai II
B628  Jan 24 1:00pm