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Hagler Institute for Advanced Study (formerly TIAS) Symposium, Fedruary 22-24, 2017.
Gordon Chen et al. article on the crash of Germanwings flight 9525 is an Invited Comments article inthe focus issue on 21st century frontiers of Physica Scripta. CoS press release is here.
Math Booth at Texas A&M STEMfest 2017, Saturday February 4. See here for pictures (both training and actual event).
One of our undergraduate students, Meghan Shanks, received an Outstanding Poster Award at the MAA Student Poster Session at JMM 2017.

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Working Seminar in Groups, Dynamics, and Operator Algebras
Xin Ma (Texas A&M University) Tower dimension of Z^d actions II
B220  Feb 27 2:00pm
Industrial and Applied Math
Helen Moore (Bristol-Myers Squibb) Mathematical Modeling in the Biopharma Industry
B220  Feb 27 4:00pm
Student Working Seminar in Groups and Dynamics
Konrad Wrobel (Texas A&M University) Free Subshifts with Invariant Measures from the Lovasz Local Lemma
B624  Mar 01 1:00pm
Noncommutative Geometry Seminar
Yongbin Ruan (University of Michigan) (Colloquium Talk) Landau-Ginzburg/Calabi-Yau correspondence
B628  Mar 01 2:00pm
Number Theory Seminar
Jeffrey Lagarias (University of Michigan) Polynomial splitting measures and cohomology of the pure braid group
B220  Mar 02 4:00pm