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Fields Medallist Cedric Villani will give the 2014-15 Distinguished Lecture at TAMU, Qatar
Edriss Titi appointed Owen Professor of Mathematics
Andrew Penland and Kaitlyn Phillipson named College of Science Graduate Teaching Fellows
Departmental Awards presented to Wolfgang Bangerth (teaching), Tom Vogel (teaching), Matt Papanikolas (service), and Roger Smith (service); Christy Sparkman wins staff award

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Geometry Seminar
Jeanne Clelland (U Colorado) Isometric embedding via strongly symmetric positive systems
B220  Feb 02 3:00pm
Colloquium - Kyungyong Lee Kyungyong Lee, B220 Feb 02 4:00pm
Free Probability Seminar
Octavio Arizmendi Echegaray (CIMAT) k-distance graphs of free product of graphs
B628  Feb 03 1:00pm
Working Seminar in Geometry
Robles + Matusevich (TAMU) Hypergeometric Functions 3
B220  Feb 03 1:00pm
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Jinkai Li (Weizmann Institute of Science) Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Seminar
B628  Feb 03 3:00pm