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Congratulation, Ron Devore! First Texas A&M Mathematician elected to the Nation Academy of Sciences
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Professor Jay Walton has been granted Emeritus status by the Board of Regents at their October meeting.
Roger Smith, Sarah Witherspoon, and Catherine Yan have been elected AMS Fellows, class of 2018. CoS article is here.
High School Mathematics Contest brings 700 students, coaches, and parents to campus on October 21. Pictures are here.

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Hiring Candidate - Pablo SoberĂ³n Pablo SoberĂ³n, B220 Dec 11 4:00pm
Numerical Analysis Seminar
Prof. Kai Diethelm (Technische University at Braunschweig, Germany) On the Principle of ``Fractionalization'' in Mathematical Modeling
B506A  Dec 12 3:00pm
Hiring Candidate - Jing Wang Jing Wang , B220 Dec 14 4:00pm
Hiring Candidate - Irina Holmes Irina Holmes, B220 Dec 15 4:00pm
Algebra and Combinatorics Seminar
Anton Dochtermann (Texas State University) TBA
B628  Jan 19 3:00pm