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12th Annual Texas A&M Math Fair to be held on April 18th
Stephen Rowe and Rishika Rupam named winners of this year's L.F. Guseman Prize
Rostislav Grigorchuk awarded Bogolyubov Prize by the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
Sue Geller wins Association of Former Students Award for Individual Student Relationships

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Free Probability Seminar
Steve Avsec (TAMU) Brownian motion and martingales: scalar case
B628  Apr 20 11:30am
Working Seminar in Geometry
Colleen Robles, Hypergeometric Functions 13
B220  Apr 21 1:00pm
Probability Seminar
Eviatar Procaccia (UCLA) Probability Seminar
B628  Apr 21 1:30pm
Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Cecilia Mondaini (Texas A&M University) Nonlinear PDEs Seminar
B628  Apr 21 3:00pm
Number Theory Seminar
David Lowry-Duda (Brown University) Bounding Sums of Fourier Coefficients of Modular Forms
B220  Apr 22 1:45pm