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MATH 171 - Analytic Geometry and Calculus - Spring 2016

Credits 4. 4 Lecture Hours.

Vectors, functions, limits, derivatives, Mean Value Theorem, applications of derivatives, integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Designed to be more demanding than MATH 151. No credit will be given for more than one of MATH 131, MATH 142, MATH 147, MATH 151 and MATH 171.
Prerequisite: MATH 150 or equivalent or acceptable score on TAMU Math Placement Exam.

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Sec Instructor Lecture
501 Natarajan Sivakumar T 10:20-11:10am C E 223
501 Natarajan Sivakumar MWF 10:20-11:10am BLOC 164
502 Natarajan Sivakumar MWF 1:50-2:40pm BLOC 117
502 Natarajan Sivakumar T 3:55-4:45pm BLOC 161