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VIGRE seminar, summer 2001: Wavelets

David Larson, Eric Weber
Students enrolled
Scott Armstrong, Scott Evans, Crystal Hoyt (undergraduate mathematics students); Troy Henderson, Quoc Le Gia, Vincent Lemoine, Amy Neff, Darren Rhea, Kristi Shryock, Xiaofei Zhang (graduate mathematics students); Nathaniel Berglund — Rose Hulman, Jessica Hubbs — Rhodes College, Trent Lalonde — Clarkson University, Stuart Rogers — Brown University, Cole Sodja — Portland State University (REU students)
Continuation of previous seminar
The following graduate students have been inspired to do further graduate work, in part as a result of this and other VIGRE seminars.
  • Scott Armstrong — UC-Berkeley, Fall 2002
  • Darren Rhea — UC-Berkeley, Fall 2001
  • Crystal Hoyt — UC-Berkeley, Fall 2001
  • Vince LeMoine — VIGRE graduate student at Texas A&M, Fall 2001
  • Scott Evans — Texas A&M Fall 2001; he switched from physics to mathematics
  • Scott Armstrong and Darren Rhea — preprint on generating multiplicity functions. Darren Rhea also gave presentation at an AMS sectional meeting.
  • Nate Berglund — 2 preprints of 13 pages each on generating refinable functions with specified coefficients.
  • Sodja Cole, Jessica Hubbs and Stuart Rogers also made presentations of their work during a local conference honoring student research.
  • Xiaofei Zhang — Ph.D. thesis on questions in wavelet sets. She's given presentations at several meetings and also a colloquium at Sam Houston State University.