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VIGRE seminar, Fall 2002: Graph and Number Theory

Arthur Hobbs and Itshak Borosh
Students enrolled:
Ila Cobbs, Amy Collins, Chase Franks, and Karl Schultz (undergraduates). Venkata Dinavahi, Lavanya Kannan, Alison, Marr and Jiakou Wang (graduate students).
This seminar lies in the intersection of graph theory and number theory. One of the goals is to provide enough background so that students can read a research paper that includes elements of both subjects. Then students will be asked to select a paper from a list we provide, read it, and report on it to the class. Another important aspect of the course is gaining a feeling for the discovery process involved in research. We ask about each idea presented, "Are there questions that are not addressed here? Can these ideas be extended in ways the authors did not discuss?"