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Mathematical Physics and Harmonic Analysis Seminar

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iCal 02/09
BLOC 628 James Kennedy
University of Lisbon
Asymptotically optimal Laplacian eigenvalues and Polya's conjecture
iCal 02/09
Blocker 605AX Yaiza Canzani
UNC Chapel Hill
On the growth of eigenfunctions averages
iCal 02/23
BLOC 628 George E. A. Matsas
Instituto de Fisica Teorica, Universidade Estadual Paulista
Overview of the Unruh Effect for Mathematicians
iCal 03/02
BLOC 628 Gregory Berkolaiko
Nodal count distribution of graph eigenfunctions
iCal 03/09
BLOC 628 Peter Kuchment
Texas A&M
On Liouville-Riemann-Roch theorems on co-compact abelian coverings
iCal 04/06
BLOC 628 Oran Gannot
Northwestern University
Semiclassical diffraction by conormal potential singularities
iCal 04/13
BLOC 628 Vitaly Moroz
University of Swansea
Asymptotic properties of ground states of a semilinear elliptic problem with a vanishing parameter.
iCal 04/16
BLOC 220 Barry Simon 
Szegő–Widom asymptotics for Chebyshev polynomials on subsets of R
iCal 04/16
BLOC 117 Barry Simon 
A colloquium talk: Tales of our Forefathers
iCal 04/20
BLOC 628 David Borthwick
Emory University
Distribution of Resonances for Hyperbolic Surfaces
iCal 05/04
BLOC 628 Junehyuk Jung
Texas A&M University
Boundedness of the number of nodal domains of eigenfunctions


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The organizer for this seminar is Stephen Fulling.