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Probability Seminar

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iCal 08/31
BLOC 628 Alexander Roitershtein
TAMU (Statistics)
A random walk with catastrophes
iCal 09/07
BLOC 628 Mir-Omid Haji-Mirsadeghi 
Sharif University of Technology
On the notion of Dimension of Unimodular Random Graphs
iCal 09/28
BLOC 628 Thomas Hack
TU Wien
Probabilistic centroid bodies
iCal 11/16
BLOC 220 Eviatar B. Procaccia
Stationary harmonic measure and DLA on the upper half plane
iCal 11/16
BLOC 220 Gordan Zitkovic
UT Austin
On a class of globally solvable quadratic systems of backward stochastic differential equations and applications
iCal 11/16
BLOC 220 Eliza O'Reilly
UT Austin
Couplings of determinantal point processes and their reduced Palm distributions and quantifying repulsiveness
iCal 11/16
BLOC 220 Luiz Renato Fontes
University of Sao Paulo and NYU Shanghai
Contact processes with general inter-recovery times
iCal 11/30
BLOC 628 Amol Aggarwal


Spring 20092008
Fall 2008

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